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Look 10 Years Younger!

Oh the dreaded dark eye circles…Well, no more!

Dark under eye circles undoubtedly add years to our face. Some dark circles (on the eyelid or under the eye) are natural and for others it happens for a variety of reasons.

Regardless of the why….there is help!

Investing in a quality concealer makes a world of difference. Using a concealer not only takes years off your face but it helps create an even skin tone. Typically, a concealer should be 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone. There are many concealers to choose from. I currently  carry Bobbi Brown’s, MAC and  AVEDA concealers in my makeup kit.

For the best application, consider applying the concealer with a concealer makeup brush. I’m pretty partial to MAC’s concealer brush (#194).

After your skin has been prepared (cleansed, exfoliated, toned, and moisturized ~ this is super important) gently apply the concealer. The area underneath the eye is thin so use caution.

Placement  of the concealer is important. If you have extremely dark circles try using your brush in a patting motions as opposed to swipes. Swipes simply move the concealer from place to place. Remember a little goes a long way. So, don’t go overboard with concealer. You don’t want to get the reverse raccoon effect.

Once you are satisfied with your concealer application you are ready to apply your choice of foundation. Please note: Depending upon the type of foundation and level of coverage you desire you may want to apply the concealer over your foundation. Whether the concealer is on top or underneath…blend, blend, blend.

The same concealer used for your dark circles can be used to minimize other skin blemishes.

Invest in yourself and purchase a concealer that works best for you. I would love to hear your results so leave a comment.

Have fun!



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