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First Things First ~ Skin Preparation and Foundation

Like an artist paints upon a canvass, so is makeup artistry. Our canvass is the beautiful face we are given or allowed to paint. Before we apply any form of makeup it is essential to prepare the skin. The key to a beautiful even- toned face is preparation.

When working with any client I always prepare their face. My preparation includes: removing makeup, cleaning the skin, exfoliating, toning, and of course moisturizing. Please don’t forget to exfoliate and moisturize the lips. AVEDA products are used of course!

Next, I focus on creating an even skin tone. By properly matching concealor, I address discolorations where necessary on the face. Some people choose to only wear concealor for light coverage. [see my recent blog on looking younger].

Makeup By Tonya

After concealor, foundation is applied. (This process can also be reversed or layered). Depending on the color and form of the foundation (liquid, power, cream, or stick) you may want to apply foundation around the concealor. The key is to properly blend makeup to create an even, seamless skin color.  




When selecting your foundation please make sure it matches properly. Simply trying the foundation color on your hand is actually not a effective strategy. I would recommend that you apply a small amount to your color bone or cheek. If the color disappears, you’ve found the appropriate color. Have an honest friend accompany you for another opinion. Some foundations can be too pink or red. You want to avoid the appearance of a mask so having the right foundation color is important.

Here’s a little trick…If you are having trouble finding the perfect color foundation, try mixing colors (liquid is easiest). You can also apply your foundation down your neck and decollete to give the appearance of one color.

Be sure to evenly apply your foundation taking it into your hairline and a light coat to your ears. Again, you want to avoid the appearance of a mask.

Your makeup will only look as natural as the skin beneath it. Take time to invest in your skincare and foundation…you are worth it.

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