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Behind The Scenes ~ New York Fashion Week

NYFW Spring/Summer 2012

What an incredible experience at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2012. It was unforgettable.

Creating beautiful faces during New York Fashion Week is a makeup artist’s dream. Though many aspire to reach this goal, I was fortunate and humbled to have this opportunity given by Rudy Miles of BeautybyRudy. It’s good to have people believe in you.

Artist from around the country were chosen to work on the Beautybyrudy team sponsored by Amazing Cosmetics. The team included artists from Delaware, Texas, Pennsylvania, Georgia, New York, and Arizona.

During the stint of three incredible shows (Zang Toi, Sherri Hill, and Planete Chic), I learned very quickly about the high demands placed on everyone preparing for the models to hit the runway. As I returned to my room exhausted each night, I awoke with vigor to paint another face. Passion seems to create energy.

Working on Rudy’s team was a tremendous learning experience. There was no time for mistakes and of course we had to be at the top of our game. We had to learn the look for each particular show in minutes and then recreate it.

Lacey, Tonya, and Mike

Tonya with model Lena

Lacey, Rodney, Tonya, and Mike

Each of the fashion shows took place in various New York venues. The first, for designer Zang Toi, took place at the Lincoln Center. What an amazing show!

Zang Toi Backstage

The Sherri Hill show, featuring Kendall Jenner, took place at Trump Tower. There were swarms of photographers wowing over the young Kardashian sibling. Kendall certainly made a grand debut during her first runway show.

Designer Sherri Hill

Finally, Planete Chic previewed at a loft off of 5th Avenue.

What’s next for Tonya:

My passion for makeup continues to grow. I am committed to sharpening my craft and expanding my skill set. I truly enjoy makeup artistry. Even more, I love making people feel good about themselves by enhancing their natural beauty.

Find your passion and flow with it,


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