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Victoria Secret’s Soothing Cure for Dry Lips!!

The crisp, dry Arizona winds bring a refreshing breeze but can often dry out our skin including our lips. Victoria Secret’s PRO Smooth FX Lip Scrub & Balm ($14) exfoliates, conditions, and removes dry skin. This delicious sugar rub works wonders!

Victoria's Secret Lip Scrub and Balm

If your lips are peeling or you notice your lipstick or lipgloss is feathering, pealing during the day, its time for a treatment. The scrub is made with sugar granules, jojoba, and vitamin E. The lip balm consists of mango butter, olive oil, and aloe vera.

Using the product is simple and brings immediate results. Here’s how I use the product:

1. Remove any products you may have on your lips.

2. Remove the top to reach the sugar rub. Using your index finger, take the scrub and gently make circular motions on your lips. I usually scrub for 30 seconds to 1 minute. You can also use a soft bristle brush.

3. Wipe away with a warm wash towel.

4. Apply the lip balm in the top case.

5. Follow with your favorite gloss or lipstick.

I noticed that my lips feel moisturized, smooth and supple after using the scrub and lip balm.

You can find this product at your local Victoria’s Secret store or order it online.



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