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Becoming A MAC Makeup Artist…What’s Next??

Yes! I love setting a goal and accomplishing it! Some people call me ambitious and I am ok with that.

Because I am a certified teacher and school administrator; the desire to learn new things comes naturally. I love acquiring new information and then applying it. Makeup artistry allows me to apply new techniques to create new looks and educate others in the process. How rewarding!

Some of my friends have called me crazy for taking a break from my PhD program to grow as a makeup artist. My hairstylist jokingly said, “Who stops pursuing a PhD for makeup?”. Me. It makes me happy to hold a mirror to a client’s face and see (some for the first time) admire their own God-given beauty.

Though I have always had a love for makeup, I recently began to explore this area of artistry.  So many exciting things have taken place.

A few things I have been graced to do since June 2011:

  • Start my own freelance makeup artistry business
  • Attend AVEDA Makeup Artistry Workshop (Tucson, AZ)
  • Develop mentor relationships with two amazing makeup artists based in Arizona (Khara Williams) and New York (Rudy Miles)
  • Work on the Beauty by Rudy makeup team at the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week and AVEDA Congress (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Invited to provide makeup demonstrations at Tucson AVEDA stores
  • Launch my own blog
  • Attend International Makeup Artist Trade show (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Attend the Portfolio Project (Denver, CO)
  • Featured Artist on KOLD Channel 13 website

New York Fashion Week - Sponsored by Amazing Cosmetics

The list continues to grow…

The newest addition to this amazing journey is now becoming a MAC Makeup Artist!

A few months ago I walked past a MAC counter (where I am at frequently) and said to myself “I can do that”. Quite honestly, I was initially a little intimidated about applying. But the more I practiced, the more I was convinced I could do it. My confidence also grew as I meditated on a promise…”And whatsoever he does shall prosper” (Psalm 1).  In other words, I believe no matter what I put my heart to doing, it will prosper (be successful). My life is committed to Christ and He blesses me to excel at all I invest in.

So I gathered my professional portfolio, wrote a quick resume, filled out an application and was invited to do a makeup demonstration (dressed in my best black attire of course). A few days later I was offered the job as a freelance artist/on call artist. Since then, I have been called for a permanent position!

I am very excited about working for MAC because I have the honor of helping people feel good about themselves through makeup artistry. I also benefit by the opportunity to continuously enhance my skill set.

Yes, I reached my goal but in my mind success is measured by the process –tenacity to set a goal, belief in myself, and following through in spite of fear. Its not just about the goal but about how we grow during the process.

If you are ever in AZ, stop by and see me at the MAC Counter. I’ll be the one smiling and playing in makeup!



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