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Thanksgiving/Fall Look with MAC and Sugarpill Cosmetics!

As I prepare to have a great time with my family the artist in me is also excited. What shadows will wear today? I have already decided to make my eyes the focal point.

For sure I will use MAC’s Buckwheat shadow in my crease with it’s velvet finish. Lately I am really enjoying the way this color accents my caramel skin tone. I discovered this color in MAC’s Snowglobe Eye Shadows (warm palette). [A review/blog of this palette is coming soon!]

Now all I need is a little pop of color! I was inspired by the above Thanksgiving image to go with something in the orange family. Of course, that means Sugarpill’s Flamepoint Eyeshadow.

I know it sounds crazy but wait until you see the end result!

1. After adding a primer to the eyelid Flamepoint eyeshadow was added on the upper lid, inner corner, and 1/3 of the lower lash line.

2. Follow with Buckwheat eyeshadow in the crease. Be sure to blend the shadow upward to avoid harsh lines.

3. Highlight with a shimmery creamy tone.

4. Brown liner was used on the top lid and bottom waterline.

5. Finish with adding Buckwheat under the lower lash line.

*False lashes really help the bright orange shadow to stand out.

Try this look and leave a comment.




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