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It’s a MAC-kind of World!!!

As you may recall, I was recently made a permanent makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics in January. I started as a freelance makeup artist on December 5th and was offered a permanent position the following week. Of course I accepted the position.

I took some time off from blogging to really focus on becoming acclimated to the MAC world. But….I’m back!

My plan is to give you my thoughts about new MAC collections from an insiders perspective as well as other product lines and beauty products. I also plan to start making makeup tutorials on Youtube (with both MAC products and other product lines as well).

Now that my first month as permanent artist is coming to an end, all I can say is…. WOW!!!

I absolutely love the artists I am working with. They have taken me under their wing and constantly avail themselves to answer all my questions. I just learned that in March I will attend a 5-day Basic Training in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. I am so excited!!

Believe me when I say there is literally a MAC world. Like any organization there are certain features and characteristics unique to that community. MAC cosmetics is no different.  As an artist in this community, you have to master successfully balancing artistry, product knowledge, customer service, and sales. At the end of the day, MAC is still a business and the expectation to sell products is present. Estee Lauder is a good company to work for. The perks are GREAT!!!

On the customer side, there are actual MAC – addicts who are die hard fans of MAC Cosmetics. I thought I was bad but apparently, I am just scratching the surface. If you don’t believe me, do a quick search of MAC cosmetics on Youtube. MAC addicts know one thing is true, when MAC says an item is limited edition, you may want to buy two. When it runs out, it runs out.

New MAC Collection - MAC, Naturally

As a newborn in the MAC world, I can honestly say, I literally learn something new everyday. That works for me because I love learning new things. I am growing as an artist and I love the opportunities I have to paint beautiful faces.

Stay tuned for more from the MAC World…




  1. You get me excited about trying MAC again. I would love to get more information from a knowledgeable insider.

  2. Dr Faye

    Thanks for yhe comment!

    You can setup an appt with me for a consultation/application. In exchange you buy $50 worth of products.

    Let me know.

    Take care

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