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So…You Want to Be A Makeup Artist?!!

I was asked by La Cima Middle School to develop a workshop for young ladies who want to become a makeup artist. The administrators were amazed at the multiple requests for makeup artistry. This was the first year they had ever offered this workshop.

So, the teacher in me went to work. I developed the first Makeup By Tonya Training manual for future makeup artist! Working towards my Ph.D. in Curriculum is coming in handy.

The room was decorated with tons of makeup, face charts, handouts, and books relating to makeup artistry. Books written by Bobbie Brown, Scott Barnes, Sam Fine etc. filled the room! Of course, I had my music blaring (it’s a MAC thing).

When the students arrived they were met by me, wearing classic black, at the door with my music blasting and the slideshow of my portfolio running. There were over 20 people in the class. I was overwhelmed and very excited.

After introductions, I was able to share videos from my experience at New York Fashion Week as well as the AVEDA Congress show in Minneapolis. I also talked about being a permanent makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics.

Throughout the workshop I provided demonstrations on skin preparation, sculpting the face, and the smokey eye. I believe in hands on learning so after I taught each section students were able to put the new information to work. From start to finish I was adamant about proper sanitation.

Makeup By Tonya Workshop

Tonya discussing sculpting the face

Even at a young age, the attendees were interested in learning how to properly create a smokey eye.

The students were super excited to try out the techniques I demonstrated for them .

Student artist during Makeup By Tonya Workshop

I felt it was important to talk about more than just the artistry side of being a makeup artist. We also discussed being self employed, marketing, social media, and the earning potential of a makeup artist.

I am always interested in knowing if my teaching has been effective. So, I created a short survey. Students were super excited to receive free makeup for completing the surveys. (Nothing motivates an artist more than to receive FREE makeup!)

I asked the students two simple questions: 1. Name two NEW things you learned today? 2. What would you add to the workshop to make it better?

Some of the responses included…

“Eyeshadow on top of your liner helps it stay”

“The smokey eye is a style, not a color”

“I learned how to moisturize the face”

” I learned that you need to sanitize your hands and always ask if you can touch the client’s face”

I am so proud of the students! They were very quick learners.

Two hours was not nearly enough. I would love to offer this workshop again.


Teaching and painting,




  1. Excellent Job!

  2. Awesome website! Good luck to all your students and continued suceess with your workshops!

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